Legal Policies

Refund Policy

Because this is an online service, refunds are only provided within the first 10 days of original membership. After that, refunds will not be provided, nor on rebills.  If you choose to cancel after the 10 days, your account will be cancelled upon request and no further billing will take place. If you request cancellation after the 10 days and you purchased the Developer level, that level will also not be refunded, but will remain available to you should you return at a later date. Access will not remain available, as it is an upgrade for copyright removal. A membership must be maintained in order to use the Developer level.


If you wish to cancel and receive a refund within the first 10 days of purchase, simply submit a ticket to our helpdesk and we will process the refund within (usually) 1 business day, excluding weekends and holidays. DO NOT submit a refund request through paypal, it actually files a dispute which is INCORRECT and actually disables the ability for us to properly process the refund.

All refunds MUST go through Warriorplus or JVZoo, the payment gateways we use for it to be refunded PROPERLY.

If you file a dispute at Paypal, we will absolutely fight it and we usually win. However, doing so ensures that we will add you to a banned user list, which prevents you from purchasing any of our products in the future, and it may affect your ability to buy other people’s products through Warriorplus or JVZoo.

While no product is right for everyone, we absolutely strive to bring you the best – including support. So if you find this product not for you, simply follow the PROPER steps to request cancellation and we will do so as quickly as possible.

Note our support hours at all times are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm Eastern time zone (Toronto, Canada).
Our staff DOES NOT work weekends and holidays.

How To Request A Cancellation of Further Monthly or Yearly Memberships:

Simply submit a support ticket to our helpdesk at

Select “other” product, and our staff will complete the cancellation process for you so no further billing will take place.

You MUST submit this request PRIOR to the next billing date, not after. We highly suggest that you submit this request using the support desk form 2 business days PRIOR to your next billing date, to ensure that it is done before the next billing. If by some chance you request it within a few hours of billing, please expect that it WILL charge as most likely our staff has NOT had the chance to properly cancel it. If this occurs, simply have patience and our staff will cancel and refund the payment.

If you submit a request after payment has come out, we will cancel further billing and your account will remain active until the expiry of that month. We will not refund payments after the fact for your failure to notify us.

Pricing Fluctuations

All active memberships will remain at the price agreed upon at the time of purchase.

We reserve the right to offer varying sales and discounts at any time. Should you join at a level and see a sale within a few days, we are under no obligation to change your pricing and cannot manually change it for you. Think of it like a local grocery store: they put sales on weekly. If you purchase an item at full price one day, and it goes on sale the next, you cannot go in and request the difference of your money back typically, and the same goes online. That means, we might have varying annual or the occasional possible lifetime offers. If you paid a higher price than someone else, we cannot go in and modify that price.

If you choose to cancel your membership, and come back later to rejoin, please be aware that pricing may have increased in that time frame. We are under no obligation to offer you a lower price on the account, and you will need to re-join at the current pricing, whether it’s higher OR lower.

Income Claims

We make absolutely no income claims in any way in our system. We don’t know you or what you are capable of. We simply show scenarios and examples of possibilities. They are not firm, they are not a guarantee of what you will make. All business endeavors contain some risk, and you agree that it is entirely up to you to determine your income. You could do better or worse than the examples shown.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

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