Version 2.0 is being released!

JV With us in our exciting new Evergreen SAAS Launch and earn Residual Income! Special ​10 Day Launch Pricing - Launching ​​Thursday ​September 2​​6, 201​9
at 1​1 ​am Eastern Time Zone

The Journal Creator is brand new UPDATED SAAS (software as a service) that helps people create journals and other low content books they can print, use, and/or sell!
Check out our demo coming shortly

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(a new window will open so you can stay on this page)

Preview the "watch over my shoulder" ​video to see how quickly a journal or planner can be created!

​When I released version 1 in 2017, many customers asked for various new features and upgrades, but most importantly, they asked for MORE TEMPLATES ​along with the ​features!

The Journal Creator 2.0 now has ​far more templates and features included, plus more coming. And it's NOT just about Journals... this software also creates many different types of low content books including Notebooks, Planners (Daily and weekly), and so much more. (​See below).

​AND it's now MUCH FASTER!

​I'd love for you to join us in our launch, and earn RESIDUAL MONTHLY INCOME!

  •  FRONT END Special Pricing first ​10 days:
    Standard Level V2 Membership - $​​19-27 ​For 1 full year (Version 2 ​access) Pricing will go up slowly, every 3 days until day 10. ​

    The Standard level allows members to create journals and other low content books that they can sell on Amazon (Createspace), Etsy, or *anywhere* they want.  They get 25 ​templates to work with.

    There are no limits to the number of ​low content books members can create, and it's 100% royalty free (they don't have to pay us anything other than their membership),

    See the main sales page here (COMING SHORTLY)
  • UPSELL #1: 
    ​Deluxe Upgrade level V2 ​- ​Monthly Upgrade $19-29/mo

    The Deluxe level allows members to create journals and other low content books as above, but includes an additional ​25 ​templates plus more coming ​every month. In fact, the Deluxe level allows members to create ANY sort of book with their own design, with the "blank canvas" template.

    Includes ongoing updates, including future version editions at this level.
  • UPSELL #2:
    ​Advanced Upgrade level ​- 1 time $47-$67

    ​The ​Advanced upgrade level includes an additional group of exclusive templates for a full line of low content books. ​These include many HOT IN DEMAND types we've had great success selling including ​Recipe books and more. It is a one time cost upgrade (for members who choose the monthly deluxe membership).
  • UPSELL #​3: ​
    ​Agency Upgrade - 1 time $97-$197

    The ​Agency level upgrade  allows members to ​create journals for other people as a done-for-you-service! Think about offering something like this to businesses like spas/salons etc! Imagine them having their own journals they could sell... as a Developer member, they can offer this.
  • Commissions are 50% ​on all levels, including the monthly upsell options because it is a software-as-a-service - which is residual income for you!


​The affiliate contest is simple:  It is based on the total number of sales, and it runs from September 26 (Launch time) to October 6th, at 11:59 p.m. Central time. There are ​5 prizes to be won.

The details are here:

​Prizes will be awarded within 5 days of the completion.


Here's an email swipe you can use:

Create Ready-To-Publish Journals and Other Low Content Books - Simply And Easily With The Brand New Journal Creator Software! Sell Them On Amazon, Etsy, Or Wherever you wish! It only takes a few minutes

You likely know about the popularity of journals, planners and other low content books on Amazon, Etsy and elsewhere. I'm not going to give you a big speal on why you should create and sell these books, if you have watched ANY products lately, several have talked about low content books for a while.

And they are hot sellers at Amazon!

The problem is, many who want to create journals, planners and other types of products, just have either no idea how to create them, OR no time to do so.

Check out the walk thru video:


Enter The Journal Creator - this is brand new online software that lets you create as many journals and other low content books as you'd like.

- No figuring out how to lay it out - simply choose one of the styles and create

- No figuring out how to convert it to a pdf - it's already done for you!

It's really easy:

  • Watch the two short videos on how to use the system.
  • Pick one of 25 templates...
  • Follow the step by step walk thru.
  • And at the end, click to publish and you can download your ready-to-publish pdf file!

In about 2-20 minutes depending on your level of customization, you could have your first journal created.

And rinse and repeat.

Check out how much some are making, and then get your access to The Journal Creator!



The Journal Creator